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Russian Empire/Russian Republic[]


Romanov Flag.svg.png

The "coat of arms flag" or "heraldic flag" introduced in 1858, the official national flag of the Russian Empire from 1858 to 1883.

Private Use[]

Flag of Russian Empire for private use (1914–1917).svg.png


Flag of Russia.svg.png

Russian SFSR[]


Flag of Russian SFSR (1918-1937).svg.png


Flag of Russian SFSR (1937-1954).svg.png

In the Soviet Union, this flag was used in films set in the pre-Revolutionary period and was seen as an historical flag, especially after the 1940s.


Flag of Russian SFSR.svg.png

When the Bolsheviks took power in 1917, the tricolor design was discarded, and a definitive new flag of the SFSR (one of the constituent republics of the Soviet Union) was introduced in 1954 (see flag of Russian SFSR), and this remained the republic's flag until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. All of the Soviet Republics' flags were created by introducing a small, but noticeable change, to the flag of the Soviet Union. In this case, the change was an introduction of the left-hand blue band. The previous Soviet design was different, a plain red flag with different variants of the "RSFSR" abbreviation in the canton.



Flag of Russia (1991-1993).svg.png

This flag (rather than the black-yellow-white color combination) was re-adopted by Russia on 22 August 1991. The re-adoption date is celebrated yearly as the national flag day.


Flag of Russia.svg.png

The modern era flag underwent a proportion change in 1993 and has been official since 2000. Russia Has Recently Taken Over Ukraine

Flag of the President of Russia[]

Standard of the President of the Russian Federation.svg.png

Square version of the Flag of Russia, with the Coat of arms, with a gold fringe. Similar To The National Flag.